Sense and Sensibility (USA - UK, 1995)

I was an actor once, damn it. Now look at me. Look at me!

The Princess Diaries (2001)
I can’t be a princess! I’m still waiting for normal body parts to arrive!

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Me listening to classical music on the radio...

Me: omg I like this piece
Me: wait I know this one hold up
Me: what is this thing called
Me: literally wtf is this piece
Me: I've even plaYED THIS
Me: I am a hoRRIBLE musician


I’ve always aspired to be a better man than I am. And I’m nowhere near there yet. So I’d like to, rather sentimentally, dedicate this award to my mum, for making me the man that I am. - upon receiving the Man Of  The Year award

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Guys, I got on tumblr after a 4 month hiatus…. and seriously, I’m shipping all the things now. EVEN SHOWS I NEVER HAVE WATCHED.

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Avengers Body Swap

  • Tony with Steve
  • Thor with Natasha
  • Bruce with Clint

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Benedict Cumberbatch was asked what character he’d be if he was in Star Wars. This was his response.

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the police chiefs of santa barbara

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